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Bubble Garden Party

This Bubble Party has been created to follow
Government Guidelines.

Richard will provide an outdoor Bubble Craft workshop for the children. (weather permitting) This includes a safe, socially distanced lesson in the art of bubble making with wands and other bubble apparatus.

Each child has their own workstation and their own sanitised equipment in a washable drawstring bag on hand at each station. The equipment is not shared with any other person.

Before the workshop, Richard will perform a mini bubble show which includes small bubbles, bouncing bubbles and even giant bubbles. Then, on Richard’s guidance, they will learn to make their very own bubble craft display. As a final bit of fun, each child will have the chance of a photo inside a giant sized bubble! Due to Government guidelines only a small number of guests are allowed. We have therefore reduced the price for the 60 minute Bubble Workshop.

ARE OUTDOOR GARDEN PARTIES ALLOWED? Yes, Government guidelines say that we are allowed to meet socially in groups of six. So, if you have a family of 5 that will be present, Richard becomes that sixth person. The only situation other children could be invited is if you are a family of lesser numbers present. In this case you could invite other children. OK, WHAT WILL YOU DO IN THE CASE OF IT RAINING? Our Great British weather is obviously problematic, it’s highly unpredictable. In the case of it raining I simply won’t be able to do the party. I am not allowed to come into your house and do the show, and therefore we will have to cancel, or reschedule. IF YOU CAN’T COME IN THE HOUSE, HOW WILL YOU GET INTO THE GARDEN? As far as this goes I will only be able to perform in certain gardens, if you have a side gate I can come into your back garden. If you cordon off an area with fun birthday banners, I can set up my equipment there. In the case of you not having a side gate to your garden, I can perform in your front garden instead if there is a reasonable amount of room. In the case of not having either of these, then I’m sorry I will not be able to perform a live party at your home. WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU NEED THE TOILET? It’s a valid question, and, without going into too much detail, I’ve got a really strong bladder. I can go for hours without needing the toilet! It’s an entirely different Bubble Show show to what I’d normally do as I’m against the elements. The slightest bit of wind can effect the bubbles but there is still will be great bubble tricks and the biggest bubbles that you van imagine. There is still interaction but there is no getting the children up to be helpers. Each party guest their own workstation and equipment which has been sanitised ready for use. It’s important that you know I’ve read this document: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronaviruscovid-19/homes and I’m following this very strictly. You don’t have to read it all, but it is there if you have any other concerns.